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Usage Agreement

The Rose is a distributed application that runs on the BOPO blockchain and allows users to purchase, cultivate, and incorporate digital roses with unique genes. The digital rose represents love and lovers pass each other to record the eternal love moment. All the information will be recorded in the open chain and can be open or hidden but can not be modified. Lovers can recall the sweet moment after many years through the Rose. Record of eternal love is the core value of this application and careful cultivation of the roses represents a faithful type of love. The "Application" mentioned below represent The Rose.

1. Special Notes

1.1 In order to use this mobile application or website service, you need to read and comply with the Usage Agreement (hereinafter referred to as this "Agreement"). Please be sure to read carefully and fully understand the content of various terms, especially the terms of the exemption or limitation of liability and the separate agreement for agreement or use of a service, and choose to accept or not accept it.

1.2 Unless you have read and accepted all the terms of this Agreement, you are not authorized to download, install or use this Application or related services of the website. Your act of download, installation, use, access to account, login will be deemed that you have read and agreed to be bound by the above agreement.

1.3 The Company agrees to provide Internet-based services (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and its operating rules released from time to time. To obtain this Service, the service user (hereinafter referred to as the "User") shall agree with all the terms of this Agreement and follow the instructions on the page to complete the entire application process.

2. Agreement Scope

2.1 Subject scope of the Agreement
This Agreement is an agreement between you and the Company in relation to your download, installation, use, copy of the Application, and use of the Company's related services.

2.2 Agreement relationship and conflict clauses
The terms of service and other agreements published by the Company on the website are supplemental to this Agreement. Where there is conflict between this Agreement and such terms of service and other agreements, this Agreement shall prevail. The contents of this Agreement may be released on relevant agreements of the Service, business rules and other content. Once the above content is officially released, it is an integral part of this Agreement and shall be binding on both parties with the same effect.

3. Service Content and Authorized Use Scope

3.1 The Application provides services according to the actual needs of the User, such as watering roses, synthesizing roses, etc. The Company reserves the right to change, interrupt or terminate all or part of the Service at any time.

3.2 Authorized use of the Application:
1) the User can install, use, display and run this Application on the mobile phone.
2) reserved rights: all other rights not expressly authorized are owned by the Company.

4. Usage Rules

4.1 Usage rules of the account
4.1.1 The User is required to register an account before using this Application. The User needs to provide accurate personal information during registration and update their personal information in time in case of any change. The User shall be liable for problems caused by inaccurate registration information and the Company does not take any responsibility and has the right to suspend or terminate accounts of the User.
4.1.2 The ownership of the Application account shall be owned by the Company. The User only obtain the right to use the account after completing the registration process, and the right to use such account only belongs to the initial applicant. In the meantime, the initial applicant may not grant, borrow, rent, transfer or sell an account or otherwise permit the non-initial applicant to use the account.
4.1.3 The User agrees that the Company has the right to deem any third party as having fully authorized by the User after confirming the accuracy of the account and password if instructed by any third party and the User shall be responsible for the direct results of such acts.
4.1.4 The User assumes the responsibility of keeping the account number and password, and all legal liabilities for all the activities and events (including but not limited to any content published by the User and any consequent results) conducted by or on behalf of the User in its accounts. The User shall pay attention to the protection of the account number and the password. If the account number and password are illegally used by others because of the User's own reasons, the Company will not take any responsibility. User's own reasons include but not limited to: disclosure of the account and password and all registration information to any third party; share of the same account by several persons; installation of illegal or unsolicited applications.

4.2 Usage rules of the User
4.2.1 The User must follow the following principles in the use of this Application:
1) to comply with the relevant Chinese laws and regulations;
2) do not use the service system for any illegal purpose;
3) to comply with all network protocols, rules and procedures related to this Service;
4) do not use this Application system to conduct any activities that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet;
5) do not use service system of the Application to conduct any activities that may adversely affect other users;
6) to notify the Company immediately of any illegal use of the user account or occurrence of security flaw;
7) do not use plug-ins or other cheating, unfair or unfair means to participate in the Service provided by this Application.

5 Intellectual Property

5.1 The Company is the obligee of intellectual property rights of the Application. All copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights in this Application, as well as all information relevant to the Application (including but not limited to video, text, picture, audio, graphic, interface design, code, algorithm, relevant data or electronic documents, etc.) are protected by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and corresponding international treaties. The Company shall enjoy the aforesaid intellectual property rights. No one may use these intellectual property rights in any way without prior legal authorization of the Company. Otherwise, the Company may terminate immediately the provision of products and services to the User, and pursue the legal responsibilities according to law to seek compensation for all losses of the Company.

5.2 The User may only use such content after obtaining the authorization of the Company or other related obligees and shall not copy, reengineer the content or create content-related derivative products without authorization.

6. Privacy Protection

6.1 The protection of user privacy is a basic policy of the Application. The Company undertakes not to disclose application information or personal information stored on the Application of the User during use of the Application to open to the public or third parties without the User's consent except for the following cases:
1) obtaining prior express authorization of the User;
2) as required by relevant laws and regulations;
3) as required by relevant government authorities;
4) to safeguard the interests of the public;
5) to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of this mobile application.

6.2 The Service may be provided to the User through the Application by cooperating with a third party. In such case, if the third party agrees to assume the responsibility of protecting the privacy of the User as same as the Company, the Company may provide this third party with the User's personal information etc.

6.3 Without disclosure of the privacy of individual users, the Company reserves the right to analyze the entire user database and make commercial use of such user database (including but not limited to posting, analyzing or otherwise using user access, access periods, user preferences and other user data information).

7. Disclaimer

7.1 The Company shall only make the following limited warranties for the products and services covered by this mobile application and such limited warranties replace any other warranties (if any), express or implied, in any documents, packaging, or other materials. The Company provides the relevant products, software or programs and any support services in the form of "as is and contains all errors" and only warrants that:
1) the products and services provided by this mobile application can basically meet the requirements of the official announcement of this mobile Application.
2) the related products and services provided by this mobile application are basically consistent with the service commitment officially promulgated by this mobile Application.
3) this mobile application only strives to solve any problem encountered during the provision of products and services by this mobile application to the commercially reasonable extent.

7.2 To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Company expressly disclaims any other warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, reliability, accuracy, integrity, virus-free, and error-free express or implied warranties and liabilities.

7.3 to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Company does not guarantee that the products and services provided by the Application will be able to meet the requirements of Users, nor does it guarantee that products and services provided will not be interrupted, and the promptness, security, occurrence of errors of products and services, or whether the information is accurately, timely and smoothly transmitted.

7.4 To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Company is not liable for any accidental, indirect or special damages or requests (including without limitation damages resulting from personal injury, privacy leak, failure in performance of any responsibility including integrity or due prudence, negligence, loss of money or other losses) due to use of the products and services of the Application by the User or otherwise relevant to the products and services of the Application.

7.5 The Company reserves the right to optimize the use of server resources, including but not limited to the consolidation of servers, and shall not be liable for the loss of interests of the User that may result therefrom.

7.6 The views, suggestions, etc, expressed by the User on the Application are the opinions of the User and do not represent the official opinions of the Company and the Application. The User takes full responsibility for its use violating laws or the Agreement to which the Company has no responsibility. The Company shall be entitled to be indemnified by the Users for losses and to immediately cease to provide services.

7.7 The contacts, business dealings or participation in any promotional activities of Users with advertisers through the Service provided by the Application are acts between the Users and the advertisers and have nothing to do with the Company. The Company does not assume any responsibility for any damage or loss due to the business behaviors.

8. Change, Interruption or Termination of the Service

8.1 Software update
8.1.1 In order to improve the user experience and perfect the service content, the Company will continuously strive to develop new services and provide you with software updates from time to time (through software replacement, modification, enhancement, version upgrade, etc).
8.1.2 In order to ensure the safety and consistency of this Application and Service, the Company reserves the right to update the software or to change or limit some functional effects of the software without any special notice to you. After the new version of the Application is released, the old version of the software may not be available. The Company does not guarantee that the older versions of the Application and the corresponding customer service will continue to be available. Please check and download the latest version at any time accordingly.

8.2 In order to ensure the normal operation of the software, the mobile application needs to be shut down and maintained regularly or irregularly. Therefore, the normal service interruption and stop caused by such situation should be understood by the User. The Company shall try its best to avoid interruption, stoppage or limit such interruption, stoppage in the shortest time.

8.3 Interruption or termination of the Service
8.3.1 In the event of any of the following circumstances, the Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Service provided under this Agreement to the User at any time without notice, and the Company shall not be liable to the Users or any third party for any inconvenience or damage caused thereby:
1) regular inspection or construction, updating hardware and software. The Company has the right to suspend the Service, but we will complete the maintenance and updating as soon as possible;
2) the server suffers damage and is unable to operate normally;
3) sudden failure of hardware and software equipment and electronic communications equipment;
4) line failure of network provider or other failure;
5) to safeguard national security or personal safety of other users and third parties in critical situation;
6) paralysis, interruption or loss of service caused by force majeure such as earthquakes and other third-party causes.
8.3.2 In addition to the circumstances described in the preceding paragraph, the User agrees that the Company has the right to interrupt or terminate all or part of the Service by making website announcement one month (if the relevant laws have special provisions and legal notice period exceeds the above deadline, the period required by the laws shall prevail) in advance. the User has expressly became aware of the grant of the above rights and realized that the interests of the User or other third parties may be directly or indirectly damaged as a result of the exercise of the above rights, and the User hereby expressly represent not to pursue all the liabilities of the Company that may arise as a result of the exercise of such unilateral rights of interruption or termination of service.

9. Liability for Breach of Contract

9.1 If discovering any of the following acts, the Company shall be entitled to take corresponding measures according to the provisions of corresponding convention or the code of the Service: including but not limited to freezing, terminating and deleting the account of the User; the User hereby promises that the Company has the right to take the above actions, and promised not to claim any compensation or refund from the Company for the such actions:
1) the User provides false registration information;
2) the User violates the usage rules stipulated in this Agreement;
3) the User uses the products and services provided by the Application or participate in this Application through any illegal, improper or other unfair means;
4) any act that harms the legitimate interests of this Application;
5) any act that seriously damages other users;
6) acts or remarks that violate the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China;
7) any act that violates social customs, social morality and the general morals and etiquette of the Internet;
8) any serious misconduct that hampers the provision of products and services provided by the Application or any acts which the Company considers to be serious inappropriate; if any accounts of the same User has any of the above acts, the Company shall have the right to impose sanctions on all accounts under the User, including but not limited to freezing account, deleting account or terminating the service etc. The Company assumes no obligations and responsibilities to the User after deleting accounts registered by such User for the above reasons.

9.2 The User agrees to protect and safeguard this Application and other users' interests, and to be liable for the losses to the Application or any third party resulting from its violation of the relevant laws and regulations or any terms under this Agreement.

10. Amendment to the Agreement

10.1 The Company may revise the relevant provisions of this Agreement from time to time. Once the contents of the terms and conditions have changed, the Company will promptly hint the changed content on relevant pages.

10.2 If a User does not agree with the contents of the changes, the User can take the initiative to cancel the Service. If a User does not voluntarily cancel the Service within 15 days after the announcement of modified contents, the User is deemed to have accepted the change of terms; cancellation of the Service will not refund the expense for the consumption that has occurred. By continuing using the products and services provided by this Application after the announcement of modified contents, the User is deemed to have also accepted the change of terms.

11. Legal Jurisdiction

11.1 The conclusion, implementation and interpretation of this Agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.

11.2 If both parties dispute over the content of this Agreement or its implementation, both parties shall try their best to solve such dispute through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, the User and the Company agree to submit the dispute to the competent court in the place where the software operator is located.

12. Notification and Delivery

12.1 All notices under this Agreement may be sent through important page announcements, e-mails or regular mail, when sent to the recipient it shall already be deemed as received by the recipient.

13. Miscellaneous

13.1 This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between both parties on the covenants of this Agreement and other relevant matters. Except as provided in this Agreement, this Agreement shall not grant any other rights to parties to this Agreement.

13.2 If any provision of this Agreement is for any reason wholly or partially void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding.

13.3 The headlines in this Agreement are for convenience only and shall be omitted in the interpretation of this Agreement.

14. External Websites

The Application or website may contain hyperlinks to other websites or resources (collectively "External Websites"). These links are for your convenience only and we do not control the content of any External Websites. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for the content of any External Websites and we do not endorse any advertisement, products or other materials provided on any External Websites. In addition, you acknowledge and agree that we do not assume any loss or damage whatsoever as a result of the availability or inability to use the External Websites.