World’S First AR+Blockchain Game Coming Soon

What is The Rose

The Rose is an AR planting game based on the BOPO blockchain system. Players can buy rose seeds, and by watering them and keeping a diary every day persistently, cultivate rare and special roses for loved ones. All roses can be displayed on mobile phones in AR view of 3D panoramas. Roses in the game can be traded, or given as gifts of love. In addition, the diaries you write during the cultivation, the times and places you give away the flowers, and the messages you leave for the recipients, will all be recorded permanently on our blockchain, and become a long-lasting memory for decades. The more time and effort the grower pays, the more he/she will be likely to harvest rare roses. In comparison with simply buying flowers, more emphasis is put on the investment of time and effort, that’s why we named this way of expressing love POL - Proof of Love, so let’s take the time and effort to prove our love!

How to get the rose?

There are 4 ways to get roses. 1 In the application to buy nutritious water and rose seeds, watering seeds with nutrient water can open a beautiful rose; 2 others send you roses; 3 Get the seeds by blending (breeding) the two roses, then watering the seeds with nutritious water to create a beautiful rose. 4 Purchase roses with BOPO at the Rose Hall.

What is BOPO?

When the BokoCLoud is free from work, it could use the remained storage and broadband resource to do the big files network acceleration and full node deployment for other Baofeng software, third party CDN service or third party blockchain service.By sharing the storage and broadband resource, users could also earn bopocoin.

What is BokoCloud?

With the help of its advanced Neural network Engine,BokoCloud could match your data calculating requirement. Details see http://bokocloud.hk/

What is nutrition water?

Nutritional water is the key prop for cultivating roses. Continuous irrigating roses every day can enhance the POL gene, making the roses more unique and beautiful.

How to get nutritious water?

You can buy nutritious water in the mall.

What to play?

Get the gene
For the first time, the seeds are blossoming to obtain the rose gene randomly. Each gene has different scarcity. The genes can be optimized through routine watering and rose breeding, making the rose more beautiful and unique.

Continuous watering every day to make the roses more beautiful and unique, continuous watering behavior is recorded in the block chain. One can read the love recorded on the rose from the blockchain.

Gene mutation
Continuous watering the roses may accidentally mutate into more rare roses.

Two roses through the breeding function can generate a new seed, the seeds may inherit the original rose gene, while the original rose into the breeding cooling period, the cooling period before entering the next breeding. Rose of different genes different cooling period.

Mentors can log the mood daily, the information is always recorded in the blockchain.

Give away
You can give your carefully crafted roses to others.

What is the gene?

The gene determines the appearance and scarcity of roses.

How to get scarce genes?

Two ways to get scarce genes. 1 Buy rose seeds, and rose seeds randomly get genes when they bloom. 2 Breeding rose seeds with two bunch of scarce rose, the probability that the seed inherits the scarce gene is bigger;